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Life Gets Better as I Get Older

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Making Puzzles

I’d forgotten all about this page until I received notification today of a new follower. And I noticed when I logged in that I actually have traffic. Amazing since my last post was in 2018!

But…I’m still making art! Presently it’s art of the wooden jigsaw type.

I’ve made puzzles for over 35 years, but not sold on eBay for a while since the market tanked years ago. But I had a dream some months ago that I’d made a puzzle by painting on wood and cutting it up (sacrilege!). Most of what I have done by way of art has come to me in dreams. So I leapt out of bed with my creative mind buzzing.

Obviously oil painting wasn’t going to work, so I dug out my acrylics and made my first paining-on-wood jigsaw puzzle. (Here’s a photo of it.)

Flower of Life

It sold instantly. So I went on and made more.

But…I do love my stained puzzles, so I alternated for a while, painting on wood, then designing a stained puzzle.

This week I combined the two. I designed a double-sided, stained puzzle, and then painted it. here’s the result. It’s out on eBay now as an auction item. I wanted it to be out there during the Puzzle Parley gathering so the attendees would have something to look at. I’ll admit, I sort of hate selling it.

Poppies and Hydrangea

If you want to bid, you can find me on eBay as JEBinNH (or jebinnh).