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New Day 28 – Now To Sit With It


Well, I’m pretty much done except for the sitting with it to see if it needs some more tweaking. I don’t sign my paintings until I’ve sat with it for a day or two.

I’m pretty happy with the results.

I’m thinking of naming it “Two by Two by Two”. Guess why. [Note to self: Do NOT call it that!]

Progress 2-15-18

Now I go into the planning of my next painting. It’s all FUN!


Author: headingoutside

I am a woman living in the woods with animals and nature all around me. I am a painter and a photographer. I left the corporate world fifteen years ago to live in the quiet of the New Hampshire Monadnock woods. I have not had a moment of regret. It is a simple, serene, close to the earth, life I live. I am very fortunate and grateful for what I have.

3 thoughts on “New Day 28 – Now To Sit With It

  1. Excellent. Fabulous shading on the eggplants!

    • Thank you. I had look at your site – very interesting with lots to explore. I’m thinking you may be a bit of a kindred spirit. There is a clear ET theme to your artwork and I wonder if you are a contactee? (I am not – though I’m “awake and aware” as they say.) Once I have a better look I may get my own answer. I wear many hats. Are you familiar with all the Q stuff? In any event – I much appreciate your looking in.

      • No contact with any aliens. I just rather love aliens and it’s a carry-over from my childhood when sci-fi movies were an escape from humdrum quotidian reality. I know nothing about Q stuff.

        Thanks for checking out my blog and commenting!

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