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Day 11 – The End Draws Near


I’ve not photographed recently, so today’s blog shows many days of painting.


I’ve begun the bottom cloth, and am mostly using a #8 filbert brush. I still resort to my small brush for edges and the like. There’s still a lot to do – shadows need deepening in places etc., but I can see that I’m nearing the end.

Here’s my color checker laminate to date. I still also use my color checker that I built according to Mark Carder’s design at DrawMixPaint. I find the plastic sometimes is too reflective to give me a good view.


I’m getting better and better at mixing the correct color and value without having to use the checker.

I expect to finish this this week. While I finish this up I will be thinking of what I will paint next. Usually by this time I would have settled on a subject, and even done the setting up and photographing. Even preparing the canvas. I like to be able to go straight into a new painting without having to do all the prep work. But that won’t happen this time. There’s too much going on this time of year to fit everything I want to do into the time I have.


Author: headingoutside

I am a woman living in the woods with animals and nature all around me. I am a painter and a photographer. I left the corporate world fifteen years ago to live in the quiet of the New Hampshire Monadnock woods. I have not had a moment of regret. It is a simple, serene, close to the earth, life I live. I am very fortunate and grateful for what I have.

4 thoughts on “Day 11 – The End Draws Near

  1. It looks really good! I have just discovered DrawMixPaint and I am super excited to follow the method now and start painting! How have you found it?

    • I recommend Mark (drawmixpaint) to everyone. I’ve watched every video, and have found that using his technique of matching color has absolutely opened my eyes. I don’t feel I need any other instruction. I use all his tools. However, I use very small brushes which he does not. I’m trying to force myself to use bigger ones, but since I’m a bit of a control freak, I have a hard time with them. Don’t give up. His method really works. Watch his video where he paints a silver mug (very helpful). I use his paints, but you don’t have to. Have fun!

      • Thanks for That! I feel the same. The tools he uses and sells are quite expensive so i have had to improvise.

        Totally agree that it has changed things. I have created my own mediums and mixed my paints.

        Thanks for the tip!

  2. I made my color checker using his video directions which I still do use from time to time. But what I’ve ended up doing is using scraps of laminate (you can get scraps from any shop that laminates things – copy shop etc.) I put a dab on the laminate and put it up against the photo. It works pretty well. I have a tiny studio, so I use the Geneva paints which do not need medium. This makes it a smell and toxic free environment so I can paint in the winter. I do like his paints. When I first started painting I bought tons of different colors. Now I use the limited palette, and only once in a while do I need to add a color he doesn’t have.

    Have you gotten into his forum on the website? It’s packed full of good information, and is very supportive for beginning (or not) painters. You might find it a welcoming place to get feedback for your work.

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