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Life Gets Better as I Get Older

Day 6 – Painting Gets A New Life

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It is hard to believe I started (and stopped) this blog over four years ago. The good news is, I didn’t stop painting. Life did get very busy, however. I got real job (starving artist and all that). Working six days a week made it very difficult to get into the creative mood. But with a change in schedule a year ago that allowed me three full days off a week, I found I could settle into painting on a regular schedule. Since then I have done little else in my free time, but paint. Oil painting. I made a resolution for 2016 that I would concentrate on and master (to my liking), oil painting.

My first painting for 2016 won third prize out of 196 entries in May 2015 on This gave me a good boost to keep going. Since then I’ve finished seven other paintings and am on number eight.

I’m working on a website which I hope to have soon.

Life is GOOD!

This is the award winner.


Lily on Pond – Oil on Linen, 40×18

This was painted from a photograph I took of the pond nearby. I had been dreaming about painting this for a number of years. I’m so happy I finally tackled this one.


Author: headingoutside

I am a woman living in the woods with animals and nature all around me. I am a painter and a photographer. I left the corporate world fifteen years ago to live in the quiet of the New Hampshire Monadnock woods. I have not had a moment of regret. It is a simple, serene, close to the earth, life I live. I am very fortunate and grateful for what I have.

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